High Intensity

Are you an elite player?

Do you have the total package?

Do you make the team or are you the last one cut? 

The High Intensity Summer Program is a totally comprehensive basketball development program for ages 13 - 19 offered in the Summer months. This program covers in depth the skills and training needed to play at the highest level, including:

  • Advanced Basketball Techniques

  • Video Analysis

  • Live Game Situations

  • Strength & Flexibility Development with Skillz Movement

"I have trained basketball players for 20 years. It has become evident to me that, in order to move to the elite level, a player must show dedication and diligence to mastering the basics of the game. This program allows for a steady progression over an extended time period. The in depth explanations of offensive and defensive strategies and techniques virtually ensures a greater understanding of the game and what is required to excel at the next level."

Darren Veira from Skillz Movement Studio will be on hand to engage participants in a strength and flexibility program.

This is not a program for the faint of heart. As the brochure suggests, for a more recreational setting, consider the Shelldale Outdoor Camp.