Advanced Skills sessions are for participants who want to take their hame to the next level. Featuring programs specific to a single skill set, these sessions will prepare players to make their high school or rep team, and demand hard work, commitment and discipline.

Strictly Shooting

Can you imagine shooting 50% from 3 pt land? Strictly Shooting will offer the guidance and techniques to allow you to shoot the lights out!

"Last year I shot below 50% from the foul line. Shaker's help got me to around 80% in 2 months!" 

Ryan Cook JDP All-star, D10 All-star, Humber College OCAA Champion

Shake True Hoops offers 1 hour shooting clinics twice a week. These sessions will be entirely focussed on shooting techniques and repetition. Videotaping analysis will be used extensively. These clinics are recommended for players over 12 yrs of age and will be position-specific for guards and forwards. Boredom & tedium will be a staple as good shooting form is repeated ad nauseam. This is a must for all who wish to excel at the post-secondary level.


Offered Fall / Winter.

Advanced 1 on 1

Are you a lock-down defender? Learn the methods used by college and pro-players to shut down opponents and leave them frustrated. 

Advanced 1-on-1 covers man-to-man, on and off the ball defensive techniques.

These sessions consist of 1 on 1 opportunities against varied defenders and opponents. Emphasis will be made on: challenging, boxing out, closing out, steering. These are gruelling work-outs, not recommended for novice players. Ages 13 +

Current Instructors: Craig Valeriote, Lourdes D10 All Star, Erist Kwame, “Fearless” Fowzi Mohamoud, and Shaker

Big Man 

It is essential that players who feature post play, learn the correct fundamentals for that type of position. must for the D-10 forward. This Big Man position specific training has been to the benefit of many successful former Shake True Hoops participants that have competed at the American College, and Canadian National team level.

 Past Participants: Mike King, Mike Ayanbadejo, John House, Scott Jaspers-Fayer, Natalie Achonwa & Jessica Perry